We help companies market and sell more software.

Reify is Michael Bernstein and Brian Doll. We're engineers-turned-marketers who never stopped programming when we took over strategic and executive Marketing, Sales, and Revenue roles at companies like New Relic, Code Climate, and GitHub.

Since then, we've helped 80+ companies sell more software by helping them develop and execute their messaging, positioning, pricing, and go-to-market strategy. We rely on data and frameworks, not buzzwords and bullshit.
We're here to help.
Here are some of our services, along with testimonials from our partners:

Audit, Persona, and Messaging

Our core engagement, where we've started our relationship with dozens of our favorite companies. We start from the beginning with the audit, where we document and understand your company's history and your product's value story. We then develop a core persona to focus go to market activities, and create a messaging framework that is designed to resonate with that persona.
The entire engagement takes 10 business days from beginning to end, requires minimal amounts of your synchronous time, and is high impact. Let's tune your messaging together.
"Reify's marketing framework helped us discover and communicate the value of FireHydrant in a way that has really resonated with our core audience." -- Robert Ross, CEO, FireHydrant

Foundational Marketing Tactics

Once we've got your value story in our hot cache, we can do some lasting and impactful tactical marketing work for you. Examples include writing your homepage copy, writing evergreen marketing pieces, creating messaging driven sales enablement collateral, and more.
Let us loose on your marketing needs.
"Reify helped us clarify our value proposition early on, before we had any Marketing staff on board. Their framework allowed us to quickly come to consensus and go to market with messaging that clicked with our target market out of the gate." - Peter Bailis, Founder and CEO, Sisu

Pricing & Packaging

Whether you are pre-revenue and deciding how to package and price your product or service, you're rolling out a new product line, or you're trying to tweak your existing customer value, we can help. We've worked with everyone from small private companies to massive public company platforms to help optimize pricing and packaging to increase revenue, improve profitability, decrease churn, and more. Let us optimize your pricing and packaging.
"Determining how to price and package various services has the potential to turn into a messy trip down a proverbial rabbit hole, but Brian and Michael helped simplify this process for us. We worked together to assess Expel's pricing and packaging structures, and they gave us both strategic and tactical advice on how to roll it all out to our prospects, customers and partners." -- Matt Peters, Chief Product Officer, Expel


A packaged consulting service designed to help you define and execute toward your marketing goals, with weekly progress, so you can sell more software. Let's get better together.
"As a fast-moving company, the Reify Subscription has been a great fit for us. We can count on Brian and Michael to be responsive to our needs, and our regular check-ins keep us all on point." -- Dan O'Prey, CSO, Digital Asset
"Determined AI is a technically complex product, and communicating our value proposition early on was always a challenge. Reify's frameworks helped us calibrate, and we went to market with messaging that helped us communicate clearly and effectively." -- Evan Sparks, Founder and CEO, Determined AI
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