Introducing 10 Questions: A Marketing Assessment Tool

by Michael Bernstein on May 07, 2019

One of the things that distinguishes Reify from typical marketing consultancies is that our technical background informs the strategies and tactics that we recommend for our clients. Because we’ve spent time in the trenches as engineers and engineering managers, we understand the internal relationships and struggles that many founders and founding marketers deal with.

It’s for this reason that we often recommend that our clients invest in the production of tools that can act as anchor resources to help drive their top of funnel numbers. In other words, since you’re already programmers, why not use some programming in your marketing? Easier said than done, of course, as many startups have a difficult time prioritizing marketing work for simple tasks like updating websites, let alone diverting real time to creating substantial projects.

To show instead of tell our clients how effective these tools can be, we’ve made another one called 10 Questions (our first product was a pricing and packaging evaluation tool called Tuneup – check it out if you haven’t!)

The idea was this: how much information could we provide based on the answers to 10 simple questions about your business that you should be able to answer in under a minute. We think we’ve done a great job by this metric – for about 30 seconds of time, you can get immediate, free, actionable advice – and a flavor of how we do things here at Reify.

Check it out here:!

For the curious, here’s a preview of what the questions look like:

And what kind of results you can get:

And if you want to see more, you can find a sample report on the project home page.

We wrote this tool in Elm and deployed it on Netlify – if you have questions about the tech, don’t hesitate to ask! Until next time.